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We at Sluggers Hit are dedicated to providing high-quality, trusted products to our valued customers. Unfortunately, it has recently come to our attention that counterfeit versions of our products are being circulated within the market. These counterfeit products not only compromise the trust we have worked so hard to establish with you but also pose a risk to consumer safety and satisfaction.

To address this issue, we have prepared a presentation designed to empower you with the knowledge to identify genuine Sluggers Hit products. This presentation outlines simple yet effective methods to confirm the authenticity of our products, ensuring that you receive the unparalleled quality that our brand promises.

We recognize the importance of ensuring the authenticity of the products you purchase and sell. This material is intended as a vital tool in your efforts to safeguard against counterfeit products. Please review it carefully and share it with your team to help ensure that only genuine Sluggers Hit products are sold to consumers.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our brand. Should you require any further information or assistance, please feel free to contact us.

-Sluggers Squad


Consumers, beware: counterfeit cannabis vapes present a grave threat to your health. These illicit products harbor a host of highly concentrated toxins and carcinogens.

When you inhale from these fake devices, you’re exposing yourself to a cocktail of dangerous substances. From heavy metals like lead and cadmium to harmful solvents like propylene glycol and vitamin E acetate, the list of potential toxins is alarming.

These counterfeit vapes lack the quality control measures and rigorous testing protocols of legitimate products, making them a dangerous gamble for your well-being.

We implore you to prioritize your safety and steer clear of counterfeit cannabis vapes. Opt for authenticity, choose trusted brands, and protect yourself from the hidden dangers lurking within these deceptive products.

-Sluggers Squad


With the rise of counterfeit items in the market, it’s crucial for our retailers, buyers, and consumers to be able to distinguish real Sluggers Hit vapes from fakes. Here, we outline three simple checks: 

Exterior Examination: Understand how to identify discrepancies in packaging quality and cartridge size.

Authenticator: Utilize our QR code system to verify the authenticity of your product instantly.

Experience: Recognize the distinct features of genuine Sluggers Hit products, from the material quality to the operational specifics.


To verify whether a Sluggers Hit vape is genuine, start with these simple exterior checks:

  • Packaging Resolution: Genuine Sluggers Hit packaging boasts crisp, clear graphics. Counterfeits often have noticeably poorer quality, fuzzy or pixelated images.
  • Incorrect Sizing Claims: All authentic Sluggers Hit vapes come in 1G cartridges. Beware of any product labeled as 2G – not only are these fake, but they also contain less product than advertised, usually around 1.5G.


Each genuine Sluggers Hit vape comes equipped withdistinct features to help confirm its authenticity: 

  • QR Code Verification: Scan the QR code on the packaging. A real Sluggers Hit product links you directly to our authentication page, while a fake QR code often leads to a dead link.
  • Label Details: Real labels are metallic with clear batch ID and date controls, unlike the unclear labels on fakes.
  • Tamper Seal: Genuine products include a tamper seal, ensuring your product has not been opened or tampered with before purchase.


Finally, the authentic Sluggers Hit experience isunmistakable in its quality and presentation:

  • Material and Build: Real Sluggers Hit vapes are made frommetal, giving them a substantial, premium feel, whereasfakes are often plastic and lightweight.
  • Operation: Genuine products are breath activated and areready to go out of the box and include 3 click function forairflow, compared to 6 clicks for fakes to turn on.
  • Input Quality: The real vaping experience with SluggersHit involves high-potency, premium extract, unlike thesubstandard ‘hot dog water’ found in counterfeit products.